The lasting legacy of imperialism

Imperialism can have lasting impacts on countries that were subject to foreign rule for many years; but none are as profound as…... baguettes. Fresh baked baguettes Of all the things the French did in Laos the by far the tastiest was the introduction of fresh baked baguettes. Fresh baked baguettes are almost a staple food... Continue Reading →

In Laos they say Lao

Laos was a mistake. The French screwed up and added an 's' to the end of Lao. The people of Lao never said anything, and the mistake was spread and now the whole western world calls this place Laos, instead of Lao. We are now in Vientiane, the Lao capital. It does not feel like... Continue Reading →

Have you seen this man?

I have. He was bumming around Khao San when I ran into him. Of all the people I know, I guess he was the most likely person to bump into, as he was also traveling around S.E. Asia, but I was under the impression that our schedules were not going to cross so we would... Continue Reading →

Elephants in Bangkok

There are not supposed to be any elephants in Bangkok. These poor animals seemed terrified... they do not belong in the city. Their owners were selling food so you could feed the elephants, and were even trying to charge people for taking pictures. The problem is that most of these elephants have no work (other... Continue Reading →

The last train to Bangkok

Traveling by train, is so refined so classy, so distinguished... or at least that is what I thought. We decided to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok by train... it was to be a grand voyage. To get to Bangkok from Kuala Lumpur requires a train change at Hat Yai (just north of the boarder).... Continue Reading →

It’s for the birds

After the news from Korean Air that it would be far to expensive to extend our holiday, we figured that the only way to cheer ourselves up was to go to the worlds largest walk-in free flight aviary, and lucky for us it happens to be located in Kuala Lumpur. Things were looking up already.... Continue Reading →

Thanks for nothing Korean Air

Our plane ticket extension mission came to an end today. We failed miserably. Korean air wanted $329.00CAD each to extend our tickets by 1 month ;that is 1/3 of the price of the whole plane ticket from Vancouver to Bangkok, and there was no way we can afford to pay that much and extend our... Continue Reading →

Kuala Lumpur

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur 2 day ago. It is an interesting city, but very tame in comparison to Bangkok (most cities are). I have not bean enjoying my self here, because I have been sick (must have been something I ate)... I spent last night puking, but I think I am getting better. If... Continue Reading →

The canopy walkway of death

Taman Negara Park features the worlds highest and longest canopy walkway, at 45m high!. The views of the jungle canopy are amazing. The walkway sways and swings as you walk on it, and feels like at any moment it will give way sending you crashing through the canopy and underbrush until you finally come to... Continue Reading →

Batman returns

The day after our Trek, I decided to hike to Gua Telingga, a cave about 3km from where we were staying. While this cave dos not have very impressive formations, it does have a healthy number of... Bats. They were so close you could reach our and touch them. The cave is quite difficult to... Continue Reading →

No one gets out of the jungle…

Trekking in Taman Negara was 3 days filled with adventure, and amazing sights. It all started with a two hour boat ride up river, to an abandoned resort, which the jungle in in the process of reclaiming. The first day we hiked 8km through the jungle, passing by huge trees... with gigantic buttresses... and mushrooms... Continue Reading →

Malaysia is not Thailand

Yesterday we decided on a whim to go spend some time in Malaysia. The differences between Thailand and Malaysia are interesting to observe, the whole general feel of Malaysia differs from Thailand, but it is difficult to describe it. We spent the whole day yesterday (from 5am to midnight) traveling by trains from Hat Yai... Continue Reading →

Koh Adang

We spent The past week camping in Koh Adang which is part of Koh Tarutao National Park, on the south Andaman just north of the Malaysian boarder. The plan was to locate a deserted island and camp there, but our plans were foiled by sea snakes. It turns out that sea snakes (which are quite... Continue Reading →

Paradise Lost

We spent the past few days on Koh Phi Phi, and while it is a beutiful island, its beauty, however, has been heavily tarnished by uncontrolled development and countless tours of the surrounding islands and reefs. Koh Phi Phi was hit extremely hard during the tsunami in late 2004, almost everything on the island was... Continue Reading →

A Wat with MONKEYS!

The other day we went to Wat Tham Suwankhuha which is near Pang Na city. This Wat is actually in a cave, and has several Buddhas inside, including a large reclining Buddha. this was not terribly exciting (we have seen much prettier Buddhas in our travels), but what really got me excited were the bats... Continue Reading →

Koh Surin National Park

We spent the past week camping in Koh Surin National Park in our super confortable Hennesy Hammocks. The Tsunami last year caused significant damage to the islands, but the Thais have a fool proof plan in case of future Tsunamis These singes are all over the place, pointing in the direction AWAY from the ocean.... Continue Reading →

Koh Chang

We just spent 3 days relaxing in Koh Chang (on the Andaman), and while it was nice, it was no where near as nice as Koh Tao (at least the areas not overrun my development). I think we may have spoiled our selves by going to Koh Tao first. Tomorrow early morning we are taking... Continue Reading →

Garbage makes me sad

One thing I keep noticing in my travels in Thailand is the way Thais deal with garbage. They usually simply throw it on the ground. While in most larger cities, this is not a problem (there seems to be an almost invisible army of people cleaning up the streets so they are not overrun with... Continue Reading →

The strange signs of Koh Tao

On Koh Tao we have noticed some unusual signs, and I have no Idea what they mean. Any help would be appreciated (leave comments below) Are you as confused as I am? Who is this Mysterious Mr J. Maybe these signs will clear things up Nope didn't think so... but at least I know that... Continue Reading →

Koh Tao

We made it to Koh Tao, and it is quite amazing... once you get away from the main town and resort strip. We are staying on the south west coast, about a 50 minute walk from town. That is the view from our Bungalow... absolutely amazing. We spend most days snorkeling around the crystal clear... Continue Reading →

Koh Tao…

Tomorrow we are off to Koh Tao... it's not on the Andaman Coast, but don't worry we will get there eventually. That's about as far into the future that I am capable of planning, so don't ask any more of me. If it's not too much money we may even get our PADI certification, and... Continue Reading →

Back in Bangkok

We are back in Bangkok, to restock on film (yes I still shoot film; the digital camera belongs to Breanne) amongst other things, we are going to be here for 3 days or so before we head down south to the Andaman Coast.

Rolling down the river

Our long awaited river trip finally happened! With the help of a local Guest House owner (we could have NEVER done it with out him) we were able to get all the supplies needed for our trip. The plan called for 3 inner tubes. We found 2 heavily punctured, but repairable inner tubes. After a... Continue Reading →


Thilawsu is Thailand's tallest waterfall, and supposedly its most beautiful as well. While this water fall was impressive, I have been more impressed with waterfalls like the modest sized Phacharoen Waterfall. That day we also visited an other Karen village (our driver had to drop of some supplies), which lay across a vary scary rickety... Continue Reading →

To Um Phang we go!

We are off to Um Phang, where we plan to get some inner-tubes and float down the river for a few days. The plan is to reach a small town on the river bank and take Sawngthaew (a pickup with 2 benches in the back) back to Um Phang. We still have no clue on... Continue Reading →

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