We saw a tiger today. She was beautiful, and she pounced at us.

Luckily for us there was a fence between us and the tiger. This tiger was ‘rescued’ from poachers (they killed her mother), and now must spend its entire life in a cage with tourists like us gawking and taking pictures. Not much of a rescue, but I have no Idea if it is even possible to rehabilitate a tiger back into the wild jungle.

We also saw bears that faced similar situations.

All this was on the short trail leading up to…

Kuang Si waterfall; a beautiful set of falls about 1 hour away from Luang Prabang.

That same day (actually it was in the morning before we went to the falls , but I figured the tiger story would catch you attention) we went to Pak Ou cave.

Pak Ou is where Buddha images go to die (although they probably need some help to make it to the cave); there are over 4000 Buddha images, of all shapes sizes and ages. the whole place has an eerie feel to it.

Here are the rest of the pics:

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