Elephants on Parade

I took this photo way back in 2012. Uganda is one of the most difficult places to travel in (unless you want to spend a lot more than I was willing to spend). But the National Parks and wildlife make it absolutely worthwhile.

Eroded Beauty

Lower and upper Antelope Canyon might be swarming with tourists, but Antelope Canyon X remains almost empty. It is like stepping into another world.

1000 ways to die in Ecuador

Way #256: Becoming Arapaima food These carnivorous arapaima were 2.5 meters long and very hungry Thankfully they don't have any teeth so all their food has to fit down their throats, so we were relatively safe. Way #512: This No one in their right mind would ever get on a rickety rope swing 70 meters... Continue Reading →

More pics from Uganda

Back In Kampala after spending several nights in a tent in Queen Elizabeth National Park surrounded by lions, hyenas and Hippos. Here are a few pictures of the amazing wildlife we have seen.


I am currently sitting at the airport waiting for my flight. I'll spend the next six weeks somewhere in Uganda trying to see things like this: I'll be mostly out of internet range so updates will be few and far between, and comments will likely be help up in moderation for a very long time.

Uganda teaser pic

So far I have taken over 2500 pictures. But the internet here is too slow for me to upload much, and you probably want me to go through the mountain of pictures and only show the ones worth showing (who needs to see 75 almost identical pictures of the shoebill?) So for now enjoy this... Continue Reading →

Home sweet home

I am back from my trip to the loveliest fleet of islands anchored in the pacific, and while I didn’t find them to be that exactly, they were indeed nice, if over-developed. It’s good to be home, and the Olympic atmosphere is great, even if the weather is absurdly warm. I was out in a... Continue Reading →

Going away

I am going away for a while, and might not have time/internet access readily available, so posting will slow to a craw, if not completely halt. Also I am turning on comment moderation to keep the trolls and spammers at bay, so be patient if your comment doesn’t appear immediately. I’ll be back in a... Continue Reading →

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