Eclipse Totality in Pictures

Capturing the sun's corona during totality is a difficult challenge. The area of the corona near the edge of the surface of the sun is much brighter than its outer edge. Any single exposure will either expose the bright areas correctly while the dimmer areas are completely under exposed, or blow out the inner bright... Continue Reading →

Sunset at Moraine Lake

We decided not to wake up before dawn to get a spot in the parking lot, but for some unknown reason most people who spend the day at Moraine lake leave before sunset. This presented a fantastic opportunity for us. We found a good spot and enjoyed the light show as the sun set behind... Continue Reading →

Elephants on Parade

I took this photo way back in 2012. Uganda is one of the most difficult places to travel in (unless you want to spend a lot more than I was willing to spend). But the National Parks and wildlife make it absolutely worthwhile.

Eroded Beauty

Lower and upper Antelope Canyon might be swarming with tourists, but Antelope Canyon X remains almost empty. It is like stepping into another world.

Eclipse: The Experience of Totality

Being in the path of totality, was one of the most incredible things I have ever witnessed. The sun's corona during the 2017 total eclipse of the sun as seen near Madras, Oregon The eclipse started off subtly. At first, using the proper eyewear, all you see is the tiniest dot on the edge of... Continue Reading →

1000 ways to die in Ecuador

Way #256: Becoming Arapaima food These carnivorous arapaima were 2.5 meters long and very hungry Thankfully they don't have any teeth so all their food has to fit down their throats, so we were relatively safe. Way #512: This No one in their right mind would ever get on a rickety rope swing 70 meters... Continue Reading →

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