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Elephants on Parade

Murchison Falls Uganda

I took this photo way back in 2012. Uganda is one of the most difficult places to travel in (unless you want to spend a lot more than I was willing to spend). But the National Parks and wildlife make it absolutely worthwhile.

I made a friend

Or at least I thought I did, this little bird (a juvenile Brown-Headed Cowbird, I think) followed me around for at least 30 minutes at the Bird Sanctuary Saturday. He was so close to me as a walked, I was worried I might step on him.

Brown-Headed Cowbird

Once I got home and tried to identify this bird I found out that this species:

Forages mostly by walking on the ground. Often associates with cattle or horses in pastures, catching the insects flushed from the grass by the grazing animals. Originally, was closely associated with bison herds on the Great Plains.

So maybe he wasn’t being friendly just hanging around and catching insects I inadvertently flushed from the grass.

Whytecliff Park with Sunrays

I have been playing around with Luminar photo editor and I think the the Sunrays filter is interesting.

Whytecliff Park with Sunrays
Whytecliff Park without Sunrays

What do You think?

DUCK! Part 2

More of the same wood duck and her duckling from Stanley Park

Female Wood Duck – Stanley Park
Female Wood Duckling – Stanley Park


Female Wood Duck – Stanley Park