Eclipse Totality in Pictures

Capturing the sun's corona during totality is a difficult challenge. The area of the corona near the edge of the surface of the sun is much brighter than its outer edge. Any single exposure will either expose the bright areas correctly while the dimmer areas are completely under exposed, or blow out the inner bright... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Threat to Democracy

If you had asked my what the largest issue facing humanity was a few years ago I would have said climate change. I don’t think this is true anymore. This isn’t because climate change has diminished in importance, it hasn’t; it’s because our inability to act on climate change is a symptom of a much... Continue Reading →

Sunset at Moraine Lake

We decided not to wake up before dawn to get a spot in the parking lot, but for some unknown reason most people who spend the day at Moraine lake leave before sunset. This presented a fantastic opportunity for us. We found a good spot and enjoyed the light show as the sun set behind... Continue Reading →

50 Years ago…

The only visual record of the historic Apollo 11 landing is from a 16mm time-lapse (6 frames per second) movie camera mounted in Buzz Aldrin’s window (right side of Lunar Module Eagle or LM). Due to the small size of the LM windows and the angle at which the movie camera was mounted, what mission... Continue Reading →

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