Ravens of Banff

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  1. .. Love the raven shots.. If you don’t mind my asking.. what did you shoot the Bow River shot on.. it looks like full frame rez.. just sparkles with natural clarity. My Bow Falls winter shot is from 45 years ago.. scanned from some ‘chrome’ Fuji, Agfa, Koda.. or Ecta.. Living in Banff in winter was special.. low key, head up the Bow on cross country skis at midnight.. or hang with the elk on the golf course.. (I was the head bartender) Bear everywhere.. and we could go commune with the bison in the ‘buffalo paddock’.. or just be toasty in the hot springs. Tunnel was an important Canadian ‘funnel point’ .. for folks passing theough.. or selling pot or magic shrooms.. to cross Canada you went through Banff.. train or car or riding your thumb. I worked the gondolas at Sulphur Mountain as well.. great fun.. mainly midnight maintenance to dawn.. I was good with heights and a grease gun on the high towers at night.. thrill ride.. and I was 20

    1. All of these pictures were shot on an Olympus OM-D E-M1 MK II. Its not a full frame camera, but that makes the entire kit much smaller and lighter weight. There is a small tradeoff in quality with the smaller sensor, but in almost all of my photos I limit the technical quality of the image much more than the equipment ever does.

      The Bow river shot is actually an HDR composed of several pictures taken at different exposure levels. It was the only way to get the sky and foreground correctly exposed.

      Banff in the winter sounds very appealing

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