Snake, Gecko and Scorpion Whiskey… Drink up!

After Pak Ou waterfall we stopped at a village along the Mekong that is famous for making various kinds of Lao Lao (rice whiskey).

You can have your pick of snake, gecko or scorpion. Snake whiskey goes down smooth; like a slithering serpent down your throat, gecko whiskey has legs; much like a good glass of wine, and scorpion whiskey has a good strong sting to it.

Drink up!

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  1. Where can I get this scorpion whisky, any chance of mail order through internet, or should I jsut buy a scorpion from my local pet shop and stick ti in a bottle of JD?

  2. Unless you want to go to Laos your best bet is to go get a scorpion from your local pet shop and stick it in a bottle of what ever you want to drink*.

    *Warning: May cause blindness and/or death; drink with caution.

  3. Which town in Laos was this? I’ll be heading down the Mekong soon and would love to have a look! Would you mind emailing me as I’m on the move and probably won’t remember to come back to this site for the answer!! Thanks!

  4. Same here, i got the combo package from the asian snake wine website, great ! I’m in US, no problem to receive it.

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