Thanks for nothing Korean Air

Our plane ticket extension mission came to an end today. We failed miserably.

Korean air wanted $329.00CAD each to extend our tickets by 1 month ;that is 1/3 of the price of the whole plane ticket from Vancouver to Bangkok, and there was no way we can afford to pay that much and extend our funds to cover the cost of traveling for an extra month.

This is especially bad because we have already wasted quite a few valuable days in Kuala Lumpur that could have been spent recuperating from a Komodo Dragon bite.

It’s back to the travel planning drawing boards, but it does not look like we will be able to make it to Indonesia… grrr!

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  1. I have found Korean air to be less than helpful in anything beyond grabbing your money. As the host to a visitor from Russia who was disallowed entry to the USA, they would not even go as far as notify his wife in Russia, that he was safe and on his way home. I know security plays a role in information being handed out. Somewhere there is more than the corporate bottom line and a little heart felt understanding should come into play. As for the U.S. immigrations actions, it is no wonder the rest of the world has rated us a second class destination or outright hate us, or both.

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