There is no escape from the Kuala…

We have been stuck in Kuala Lumpur for a few days now, and we have no Idea when we will be able to leave; we are trying to extend our time in S.E. Asia, but extending the validity of plane tickets is not an easy thing to do. So we wait… hoping that Korean Air will not take to long (or decide to charge us too much).

We have been busy exploring Kuala Lumpur while the plane tickets sort them selves out. We have explored both the KL Tower

and the Petronas twin towers.

The KL tower is one of the tallest towers in the world, and the observation deck is 276m high…

while up in the tower a storm came, complete with torrential rain, and many visible lightning strikes on the twin towers…

(simulated lightning strikes on the twin towers)

I am sure the tower we were in was also hit. The view of the city during the storm was…

unique to say the least.

There is even crazy graffiti a few minutes walk from the tower (anyone know what the dinosaur is saying?).

The Twin Towers are equally impressive, but you are only allowed to go as high up as the skybridge.

Hopefully in a few days we will be off to Indonesia, but that rests in the hands of Korean Air.

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  1. Hey Dan!

    I hope you get this. I was in KL a few years ago. I really enjoyed it. I remember having hot pot in the middle of the street at night in Chinatown (Jalan Petaling or something like that… sound familiar? My memory is poor). I got your blog address from Sang. Send me an email. I’m in China right now! SO CRAZY! I’m in a city called Chengdu (South West – ish). Got any interest in visiting China? I’ll be here until September.

    Take care.


  2. we are staying very close to Chinatown, although I have not had a hotpot in the middle of the street… yet.

    I would love to go to China, but unfortunately we have neither time or money. Hopefully we can extend our plane tickets, but even then we will only have just enough time for Indonesia Laos and Cambodia, but if I find an unexpected large sum of money I’ll let you know, and we will go visit you in China.

    Have fun in china.

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    I propose a ban on naming any new baby Al(l)ison for the next 20 years… that should help with the obvious overpopulation of Al(l)isons, but I am afraid that to reduce the number of current Al(l)isons will require more drastic action…

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