The strange signs of Koh Tao

On Koh Tao we have noticed some unusual signs, and I have no Idea what they mean. Any help would be appreciated (leave comments below)

Are you as confused as I am? Who is this Mysterious Mr J.

Maybe these signs will clear things up

Nope didn’t think so… but at least I know that fresh air is for breathing… 1 day..3times. That does not seem like enough for me, but then again I am an asthmatic.

Time to go to Monster Shark Island… don’t worry it’s just a name.

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  1. The first sign is advertising a prostitution service. You have a choice between a man, a woman and a lady boy. They are completely against free sex. If you have sex without paying, you will become a dog.

    The sign “Hey Hey, Don’t Forget Fresh Ait?” is an ad for compressed air. They want you to fill up your Scuba tanks 3 times a day.

    The third sign, the condom one is an ad for Mr. J’s condoms, which while a good condom are not able to handle high presure. They can not handle the presure of a young man’s orgasm, nor can they withstand the atmospheric presure under water.

  2. Mr J is a hotel owner and local celebrity on Koh Tao. I stayed at his place for a few nights but then changed for one down the road because he kind of gave me the heeby jeebies. He would often lecture us about the nature of the universe according to him.. He’s obsessed with karma. “Nature No Free” I think means… you can’t just do what you want, there are consequeneces in the next life. For example, he said fighter jets look like sharks because fighter jet pilots are reincarnated as sharks.

    The sign on top means if you have polite sex, the child you conceive will be a boy, romantic love will conceive a girl and if your sex is too romantic you will have a lady-boy. He is full of such wisdom.

    Eccentric is a polite word for what he is :)

  3. Mr J took the shirt off my back after selling me a counterfeit ferry ticket.

    I did get a free Pepsi out of the exchange though.

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