What… huh… this is not Laos

Well we are still in Bangkok… but not for long (I mean it this time).

We were going to go to Laos yesterday, but instead I spent the day recovering from a very bad massage. I could not turn my head to the left without lots of pain in my back… I missed all the great things that happened on the left of me. This is no way to travel to a new country, so we stayed in Bangkok for 1 more day.

Now for some thing completely different…

Do you know who is the most famous Canadian in Thailand? I’ll give you a hint she is sooo famous that she is plastered all over instant noodles cups

Still don’t know who she is? She is Natalie Glebova or Miss Natalie as they say here in Thailand; she is the winner of the 2005 Miss Universe pageant. Frequently when we tell Thais we are from Canada they say “oh Canada… Miss Natalie… very beautiful” It took us a while to figure out what they were talking about.

here are the rest of the pics

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