A Wat with MONKEYS!

The other day we went to Wat Tham Suwankhuha which is near Pang Na city. This Wat is actually in a cave, and has several Buddhas inside, including a large reclining Buddha.

this was not terribly exciting (we have seen much prettier Buddhas in our travels), but what really got me excited were the bats we saw a little deeper in the cave

Those black spots are bats

I thought this was as good as it was going to get until we made our way back to the cave entrance and saw…

Monkey butlers… OK OK they may not have been monkey butlers, but they were monkeys, and that was good enough for me!

from time to time the monkeys would all become agitated, for some unknown reason; they would all start hissing, and showing their teeth at each other, while running around trying to cause havoc… the monkeys will have to learn to control these outburst in order to become monkey butlers.

We ended up spending a few hours with the monkeys feeding them bananas and peanuts, and it made me realize how much i desperately want a monkey butler

As you can well imagine a day with Wats, caves, bats, and monkeys was just about as good as it gets…

Here are the rest of the pics

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