Ao Pang Na National Park – Good for pirates and million dollar hitmen

Ao Pang Na National Park is an amazing place, where countless limestone outcrops jut straight out from the ocean hundreds of meters into the air.

The scenery is amazing, but I feel as though to truly appreciate it you need to put yourself in the shoes of a pirate… only then will you be able to appreciate all the nooks created by the limestone; these nooks are a perfect place to hide a ship full of loot, after raiding and pillaging a few villages, until the heat dies down.

There are also countless caves and lagoons perfect for long term treasure hiding, and pirate lairs.

Of course not all of you feel comfortable being pirates, but have no fear as this place is also perfect for the secret lairs of million dollar hitmen such as the James Bond Villan: Scaramanga. In fact his lair is located on the aptly named James Bond Island.

The entrance to his secret lair (above). The view from his secret lair (bellow).

I am starting to think there are some serious benefits to being a hitman.

We spent the night in the park, but don’t worry we sought out safe refuge within a Muslim Fishing village. We did not feel safe spending the night with either pirates or hitmen.

This village was a very unique place, as it is constructed above a partially submerged mud flat… the entire village (houses, walkways, stores…) is raised up a few meters above the mud.

I wonder how often they get raided by pirates?

Here are the rest of the pics:

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