Koh Adang

We spent The past week camping in Koh Adang which is part of Koh Tarutao National Park, on the south Andaman just north of the Malaysian boarder. The plan was to locate a deserted island and camp there, but our plans were foiled by sea snakes. It turns out that sea snakes (which are quite plentiful here) come up to the shore each night and rest in the warm sand; since our plan would have had us on the island with no boat or means of evacuation to a medical facility should we be bitten, and since sea snakes are very poisonous; we would have been in serious trouble (read: dead) if we had been bitten, so reluctantly we gave up our plans and spent the week camping near the park office on Koh Adang.

Luckily for us Koh Adang was not very busy, and was very quiet… just what we wanted, and we were treated to some amazing sunrises…

and sunsets

We weathered our first storm in our Hammock tents, and it was a disaster, we were caught completely unprepared (it is the dry season after all). First of all, all our stuff was scattered about and begging to get wet, secondly my tent fly was not set up to keep large amounts of water up, but rather to maximise ventilation, so when the sky fell my tent was soaked, thirdly Breanne did not even have here rain fly on, so it was a mad dash to get everything ready before anything got too wet. That did not happen; the rain was too much, and we got soaked, but since it is hot 24 hour a day here we simply waited for the rain to die down and we went back to sleep soaking wet.

We also hiked to Pirate falls…

which while not the most impressive waterfall I have seen, rumor has it that PIRATES! used to use these falls as a fresh water source, and that alone made it worth while.

On the last full day on Koh Adung we chartered a boat to take us to Koh Hin Ngam, which is famous for its stripy pebble beach.

Legend has it that the pebbles are cursed and that anyone who removes a pebble from the beach will have bad luck until the pebble is returned…

and I believe it to, seeing as the punishment from removing a stone from a national park is a 5 000 to 20 000 baht fine, and 5-10 years in prison. That’s about as much bad luck as any pebble anywhere in the world can manage to give anyone… these things are dangerous.

Koh Hin Ngam also has some amazing snorkeling…

and plenty of very spiky sea urchins to get you!

Here are the rest of the pics

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  1. Wow thats awesome… I was planning on do a trip there just like that but in May (when the rains start to become more frequent I hear). Did it seem possible to rent a kayak at Koh Lipe to bring over to Adang with you? Id love to just explore the whole island and the many beaches, as well as the other islands nearby. And would one need to bring lots of food with them if they were going to go explore the island or is there some food on Adang? And did u really not take even one rock? :P just kiddin

  2. Did it seem possible to rent a kayak at Koh Lipe to bring over to Adang with you?

    I think so, but I would double check before heading out there. That being said there were some strong currents in the area so you may not want to kayak to far from shore.

    would one need to bring lots of food with them

    They sold food on Koh Adang. On the main campground, so you don’t really need to bring any food with you.

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