Irregular Climate Episode 21: Ironic frozen deniers

This episode: German nukes, safety nukes, underwater nukes and jelly nukes, another pseudo-scandal in a teapot, the true cost of gas, GHG emissions reach record breaking levels and the weather goes berserk while crazy deniers predict an ice age, The disgusting harassment of scientists, Christy Crocks, the Kyoto protocol is finally dead, and a delicious... Continue Reading →

Irregular Climate Episode 20: Dead trees make for good reading

This episode: Extreme weather, Wegman strikes again, conservative science vs liberal science, no science in science class, climategate still nothing to see here, blame Canada, self-debunking deniers tie themselves in knots, renewable energy and a book with John Cook, bad news from the melting arctic, and a bunch of foul-mouthed rapping climate scientists.

Irregular Climate Episode 18: The stupid show

This episode: Climategate again, stupidity from elected officials who are absolutely certainly wrong, against adaptation, and who think their legislative powers can repeal the laws of nature. Also Styrofoam is back, mega-droughts , the loss of Glory, un-skeptical skeptics, and bad reporting from Grist

Irregular Climate Episode 14

This week: A long political rant on the recent US midterm elections, the war on science in Canada, the scientific consensus continues to strengthen, new efforts to communicate it, and a reminder that real experts don't know everything.

Irregular Climate Episode 13

This week: The most important news in the history of the universe, the simple reason why we should deal with environmental degradation, how CO2 controls the planet’s temperature, a denier distraction, Micheal Mann fights anti-science, the University of Virginia fights the Cuccinelli witch hunt, and the skeptic debunk of the week.

Irregular Climate Episode 12

This week: The curious incident of Edward Wegman, and the copied report, the non-significance of the hockey stick, Cuccinelli and the witch, CRU cleared again, exploding deniers, and the importance of coherence.

Irregular Climate Episode 11

This week: A recap of climate news that happened during Iregular Climate’s summer hiatus including the Russsian fires, and Pakistani floods, the Inter Academy report on the IPCC, The Lomborg u-turn, More Monckton madness, Cuccinelli is thrown out of court, and the icy skeptic debunk of the week.

Irregular Climate Episode 10

This week: The US Senate surrender, denynig the undeniable, deniers turn on each other, more blacklist hypocrisy, where has all the phytoplankton gone?, happy 35th birthday global warming, and the skeptic debunk of the week.

Irregular Climate Episode 9

This week: Some good news, and some sad news, IOP oh no!, it’s not about saving the planet, the skeptic debunk of the week and Ken Cuccinelli doesn’t know when to quit

Irregular Climate Episode 7

This week: An assessment of the assessment, The exoneration of Mann, The final nail in the climategate coffin, bad reporting, dishonesty and hate, and the skeptic debunk of the week!

Irregular Climate Episode 6

This week: Money minds its own business, Oh No! It’s Monckton again!, Where do the deniers keep their skepticism?, My blacklist is longer than yours, Godwin’s law, Blacklist paper wrap up, The word is authority, but who has it (and where did they get it?), The skeptic debunk of the week

Irregular Climate Episode 5

This week: EPA says CO2 reduction is cheap, Idiot politician of the week, Expert credibility on climate change, lying deniers, A 5 month old apology from the Sunday Times, lies polls and damned lying polls, the skeptic debunk of the week, whale poop and carbon dioxide.

Irregular Climate Episode 4

This week: The Bonn talk-fest, Lindsey Graham’s flip-flop, Respect the EPA’s authority, Biodiversity at the UN, Lawyers don’t do science, and the skeptic debunk of the week

Irregular Climate Episode 3

This week: The great co-host experiment, Cuccinelli vs Mann, warming of the oceans, melting glaciers, shape-shifting islands, Lord Monckton is wrong, the idiot politician of the week, and grasping at 4th grade straws.

Irregular Climate Episode 1

The first Episode of Irregular Climate has been released! Get it here. This week: Skeptics vs Deniers, Malaria, Scientists fighting back, Greenland rising , dead deniers at SEPP and the denier facepalm of the week! This is the first episode so expect glitches!

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