Irregular Climate Episode 17: The triumphant return

This week: The temperature records are wrong, the future, the Queensland floods, Monckton Myths, sea ice news in winter, and a new attack on climate science

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  1. Thank you. We need an organized education of the world citizen on climate science with maximum transparency enabling trust. From there we need to continue to report every latest study world wide with a warehouse for central shopping of data sets, trends etc. Right now we are all spread out, not sure if this is as efficient as we could be. Thanks for what you do.

  2. Dan, Episode 17 is really informative. John Cook is an outstanding blogger and has assembled a team second to none in explaining the deniers crocks. I highly recommend his site for excellent work on climate science. He is very careful to give references to points made so that one can check ideas posted against the original papers.

    The Republicans are really showing their stupidity and ignorance. They are endangering all of us.

    1. I agree. John Cook’s Skeptical Science site (and the community John has built around it) is tremendously helpful. As are the mobile apps (iPhone, Android, Nokia).

      It is a must read.

  3. Hi Dan,

    I was very interested in that part about the fund cuts for NOAA and NASA, while fossil fuel subsidies continued. Do you have a link for that?

    Thanks for your work doing this.

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