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Irregular Climate Episode 9

This week: Some good news, and some sad news, IOP oh no!, it’s not about saving the planet, the skeptic debunk of the week and Ken Cuccinelli doesn’t know when to quit

3 Responses to Irregular Climate Episode 9

  1. Thanks, Dan, for your weekly Podcasts! I especially liked Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot” piece in this episode and I think that we’d have a lot less mindless discussions or arguments if everybody had to listen to this and to really digest what it means (small hope, I know!).

    Out of curiosity: do you have any indication of how often your podcasts are listened to and/or downloaded? It might be worthwhile information to post on the blog to see how numbers evolve from week to week…..

    Cheers from Germany

    • Here is another More Sagan, on that precious blue dot


      I did try to shorten the Sagan clip in the podcast, but found nothing I wanted to cut. He was a master of science communication. Absolutely brilliant.

      As for how many people have been listening to the podcast, I get about 1000 downloads per week. It’s more than I thought it would be, but now I have set the bar higher:)


  2. I agree – the excerpt from Cosmos was great. And you spoke well of the topic. Don’t sweat falling behind on show notes. Just posting a few links with minimal overview or description is sufficient.

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