Irregular Climate Episode 7

This week: An assessment of the assessment, The exoneration of Mann, The final nail in the climategate coffin, bad reporting, dishonesty and hate, and the skeptic debunk of the week!

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  1. I would like to suggest to you that you do a series on methane hydrate, which can effect our climate in very dramatic ways, very suddenly-in both directions . . .warming and cooling. I am an American attending University in Canada at the moment, but I can set you on the right path and help you with research.

    I have just recently sent an email to the Freedom of Information coordinator at the East Anglican University that was recently the focus of climategate, with a request for information about methane hydrate and in addition I have asked for their comments on my email exchange to NOAA, suggesting that CO 2 is the cover story for methane gas which degrades to CO2 and that methane hydrates are the sole source of excess carbon in our atmosphere and the sole source of periods of global warming and cooling. If you have an interest I will send them to you, given you will send me a direct email address.

    As to your request for money, will you disclose all the sources of your funding?

    1. I wrote a post on methane a while back, and shortly afterwards I realized that I oversold the effect of methane on climate.

      The is what Real Climate has to say on the matter:

      For methane to be a game-changer in the future of Earth’s climate, it would have to degas to the atmosphere catastrophically, on a time scale that is faster than the decadal lifetime of methane in the air. So far no one has seen or proposed a mechanism to make that happen.

      Your notion that methane hydrates are the sole source of excess carbon it our atmosphere is way out of line with mainstream science on this topic.

      CO2 is not a cover story.

    2. Oh and as for the source of my funding… what funding? Since I started, the only funding I have received is less than a handful of donations through PayPal. I have little information on who these people are and no desire to investigate further.

      The costs of producing and distributing the podcast and the website have come almost entirely out of my pocket.

      BTW to anyone who has donated: THANK YOU!

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