Irregular Climate Episode 19: Fraking nukes

This episode: The N word, don’t listen to the BEST, ozone denialism, unsafe safety, fracking gas, hot pink in the arctic, global warming earthquakes, and crazy in Texas.

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    1. Lots of good stuff there so well worth reading.

      There are a lot of promising technologies that look very interesting, but most have not been tested at the scale required. Hopefully I am being overly pessimistic here, and these technologies are further along than I think, but I haven’t yet much evidence for that.

      But arguing this point is a little besides the point. We need to look at energy generation and properly weight the pros and cons of of all available technologies.

  1. Just listened to the show and you mentioned the benefits of nuclear providing baseload power.

    Just wondering if you have seen this article: Busting the baseload power myth

    It would be great hear your take on this in a future episode. It seems that the idea of baseload was created to make best use of coal power stations rather than coal power stations to provide base load. The article says in the modern world it’s really about matching flexible energy sources with inflexible ones.

    1. I am working through the baseload issue. It is fairly complex, but I am working through it. I plan to keep talking about renewables. Episode 20 has a discussion with John Cook about how intermittent power sources like solar and wind can be used to provide power 24/7.

      Episode 21 will have even more renewable goodness

  2. Hi Dan,

    I liked that part about the difference between projected and realized costs to replace the old CFCs. Do you have a reference or link about that?

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