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The new layout you see is just the first of many improvements we have in store for the site.

In addition to the clean modern look, it will be readable on small screens, so you can catch up on the planetary perspective on the run.

If you see something that isn’t quite right please let us know in the comments.

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  1. This may affect me more than those who are guaranteed entry with their comments, but a list of recent comments and commenters is very useful to me–it helps me participate in the conversation (or not…)

    1. It is still there, it has just been moved to the footer of the page.

      There is also an RSS feed of all the comments left on Planet3.0 here: http://planet3.org/comments/feed/

      And each post has its own RSS feed of comments for example http://planet3.org/2013/06/18/what-you-see/feed/ is the RSS feed for this post.

      Hope this helps you keep up with the conversations, and as always we are looking for suggestions on how we can improve, though we can’t guarantee to implement every suggestion.

  2. I’m delighted you’ve moved the comment list.

    This is only one opinion, and I’ve said it before which means it still bothers me. My issue is that the large typeface is more suited to older people whose eyes are not as good as they used to be. This makes it harder to navigate, not easier.

    If the huge type is a necessity, you could at least make the headings smaller. I know this is to make it readable on mobile devices, but I wonder if it really works that way …

    1. P3 is trying to be standards compliant. You can use your browser’s font sizing to reduce or expand the size of all elements.

      Dan and I look at it on large screens and small ones, but rarely on medium sized ones, which may affect our choice. Perhaps a notch smaller is a better default.

    2. The large type face standards compliant? So you are the only standards compliant far and wide. That standard, if it exists, is bunk: as it is ignored far and wide it should be ignore far and wide. Otherwise you force upon the user the unnecessary nuisance to resize the fonts just for P3 alone. The elderly, if intelligent, would anyway have set larger default font sizes in their browser. No need to “help” them. Your ansatz is not helpful.

      Besides that, the new design seems great.

    3. Hm. Seems a confused day again: Couldn’t find any explicit font size css. How/where is your “standard” nailed?

      Via the remote desktop I’m currently using, your fonts look ugly. No antialiasing? Exotic junk fonts?

      The smaller (my “standard size”) fonts at the blogs of Neven and JB, in contrast, are rendered perfect.

    4. Keep those cards and letters coming in. Probably no tweaks will go live for at least a week, but feedback is valued.

      Can you send a screen shot? [email protected]

  3. One more quibble. I see you do have the date but not on the front page. I appreciate the effort to make it readable and uncluttered, but if one’s life is busy it’s an extra step to click through to find the date of an article.

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