Global carbon emissions and sinks since 1750

Emissions and sinks

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  1. Dan

    Please take this kindly but if you really want to have an effect on the world, get an engineering degree. It is our profession that is going to save the world, not politicians, and not all the feel good in the world.

    1. Yes, engineers have done such a stellar job of saving the world so far. Perhaps if engineers could undo the damage caused by all those things they engineered over the past 300-years they might just save the world. For one who has been somewhat familiar with engineers for more than half a century it’s good to see their swelled heads are in no danger of collapsing under the strain of modesty.

    2. There is not doubt in my mind that engineers have an immense potential to change the world. But there is also no doubt in my mind that engineers are not not only ones with world changing potential.

      In fact in regards to climate change I would argue that it isn’t a lack of engineering that is holding up progress.

    3. The engineering profession is going to save the world. That’s good news. Please tell me more.

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