Third pipeline leak in Alberta in three weeks

I don’t see what the problem is. These were ethical oil spills, weren’t they?

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  1. Yippe-yai-yeah, the USAian neoliberals haven’t told their Canadian compatriots how to build a proper pipeline so the Canucks will have to pay them more. All according the NeueLiberalischtische Nachinalischtische Schoschialischtische Pflannung (sorry for the misspelling, but this should be a joke.).

  2. God forbid we should be made aware of the multipronged messes created by the panderers to our need for ever more fossil fuels, no matter how inefficient. I was struck by the comparison of EROEI of 3:1 compared to oil at 200:1. Sounds like it might be off, but a point people should be encouraged to absorb into their brainboxes.

    Of course, if it was solar or wind, the problem would be headlines everywhere.

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