Canada outlaws the environment

Yes, that is an absolute hyperbole. Did it get your attention? Yesterday the Canadian House of Commons passed the disastrous bill c-38 that rolls back much of Canada’s environmental protection legislation. Opposition parties mounted a desperate attempt to make amendments or at least split off some of the more contentious issues so there could be a proper debate. In the end the Conservative government of Canada made absolutely no concessions.

Bill C-38 now moves to the Conservative dominated senate* where it is expected to pass without issue.

  • Fun fact: the Canadian senate (often referred to as the chamber of sober second thought) is an unelected body. Members are appointed by the Prime Minister and serve until they reach the age of 75

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  1. A slight obsessive nit: “roll back” is a euphemism we frequently employ, one that frames things we might find repulsive in a way that makes them more comfortable to live with, easier to accommodate.

    “Rescind,” “abrogate,” “eliminate” or (in the face of evidence showing benefits of environmental legislation) “degrade” are terms conveying better understanding of the proposed legislation.

    Try it:

    “Yesterday the Canadian House of Commons passed the disastrous bill c-38 that eliminates much of Canada’s environmental protection legislation.”

    Hurts more to hear the facts this way but they’re actually better described by using that single harsh word instead of two comfier ones.

    You’ll be accused of using colored language if you employ richer, more accurate terminology to describe these events but your portrayal will be closer to the truth.

    No sense in helping Harper & Co. sugarcoat their policy. :-)

    Thank you for all of your work here.

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