The Crocks of Monckton

Peter Sinclair has done a great job debunking Lord Monckton’s many false claims, in his great Climate Crock of the Week series.

Part 1

And Part 2

More from that debate from Tim Lambert:

Not to mention he thinks people who accept mainstream science are Nazis:

After calling a group of young people from Sustain US,  “hitler youth” and “Nazis” at the Copenhagen climate summit yesterday, Christopher Monckton confronts the same youth today and says:

“I will not shake the hand of Hitler youth.”

Making it even more unacceptable (if that’s even possible), the person who’s hand he refuses to shake, Ben Wessel, is Jewish.

This is the same Christopher Monckton who once wrote in an article entitled, The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS,  that anyone with the disease should be quarantined for life.

And if that wasn’t enough it seems that Monckton is a birther as well:

Via Dave Weigel, Monckton spoke at a “Tea Party” rally, astroturfed by Americans For Prosperity (a front group of Koch Industries):

“America!” said Monckton at the start of his speech. “Land of opportunity! You can be born in Kenya and end up as president of the United States!”

Though Monckton later claimed this was a “joke”, he does indeed have doubts about the President’s citizenship:

“I have no idea where he was born,” said Monckton, who was working the crowd and signing autographs. “What I do find strange is that the public records of his Hawaiian birth have been sealed, and can not be obtained by the public. His lawyers have spent a lot of money trying to seal the records of his public life. All of those records should be open to the public, as they always were for previous presidents.”


“The effective classification of all of these documents of his early life is surely contrary to the spirit of freedom and openness in the Democratic west,” said Monckton. “It’s bound to raise questions in some peoples’ minds.”

Monckton previously referred to the President as “Osamabamarama”, linking Obama to the terrorist Osama Bin Laden and prophesied that Obama and others seeking to mitigate climate change would “kill tens of millions” in a keynote speech hosted by the right wing, anti-regulation, climate denialism front group Heartland Institute.

Monckton is a crank. End of story.

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  1. It always amazes me that the sort of people, who, if they had lived in the 1930’s would have been ardent Nazi symps now accuse people on the left – the very people whose ideological ancestors died fighting fascism – of being Nazis! It shows their total lack of grasp of reality, not to mention pure hatefulness.

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