The tradition of inaction continues

The Canadian Conservatives, much like the Liberals before them, have a long tradition of inaction on the climate change front. And that inaction shows no sign of stopping:

Environment Minister Jim Prentice is signalling further delays in imposing greenhouse gas emission standards on the oil sector and other industries, saying Ottawa does not want to lose jobs and investment by driving activity out of the country.

The Conservative government is waiting for the United States to decide how it will impose climate-change regulations before acting here. And the U.S. Congress could take up to two years to pass legislation that sets caps on greenhouse gas emissions, Mr. Prentice told a Senate committee Thursday.

This isn’t surprising, and despite the recent support of Bill C-311 (the Climate Change Accountability Act) by the Liberals I am not under the impression that they would have acted different.

I guess asking for leadership, is asking too much.

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