Stephen Harper ‘eats babies’

From CTVBemused Toronto commuters were repeatedly informed that “Stephen Harper eats babies”… The scrolling electronic signs that usually carry transit updates and advertisements on Toronto’s westbound Lakeshore GO Transit trains carried the messages Thursday, Friday and Monday

I knew it! The signs were all there; I guess that’s why Harper wanted such a tight control of the media, he did not want word to get out of his disgusting baby eating habit. Its a shame no one acted sooner… those poor babies.

No word yet on whether he prefers medium-rare or well done.

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  1. Any man that runs on a strong baby-eating platform has my vote.

    Dan, what are you doing when you get back? The mining company I’m working before has a need of Spanish-speaking field workers….if you want to tromp around the desert in Mexico (much like what I will be doing for the first part of the summer) let me know and I will see if I can get you something.

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