The last beach

Our travels are coming to an end. We spent the last few days on the beach in southern Cambodia, near Sihanoukville. The weather was warm (maybe a little too warm), the sea was warm and inviting, and I had a good book to read; what could be better? It was a great relaxing way to end our trip.

We even did some snorkeling, but after the amazing underwater sights we saw in Thailand, the Cambodian coral could not compare. I think Thailand may have ruined us for snorkeling (not that that’s a bad thing).

I saw evidence of blast fishing while snorkeling, which is an extremely dangerous form of fishing, and completely unsustainable.

It is so dangerous that we saw many beggars on the shore that were missing limbs; a sure sign of blast fishing, although the countless landmines in Cambodia could also be to blame. It truly is heartbreaking to watch these people crawling on the sand asking for money, but that is one of the only ways they can make a living; there is absolutely no from of social support for these people, who may still have a family to support.

We are now back in Bangkok (for the last time) and in a few days we will be home (but not before a 12 hour layover in Seoul).

Here are the rest of the pics:

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