Sea will rise ‘to levels of last Ice Age’?

Sea will rise ‘to levels of last Ice Age’.  Yes that is an actual headline from a British paper.  And it should ring alarm bells to anyone who knows anything about past climate and/or anthropology.  The fact is that during the last ice age seal levels were up to 120 metres lower than today.  Hence the whole Bering land bridge thing, and the colonization of the Americas by humans. So right off the bat we know something isn’t quite right with the headline. Yes it would be catastrophic if sea levels were to drop 120 metres (though nowhere near as catastrophic if sea level were to rise 120 metres), but thankfully no one is predicting that.

The article is a summary of a study claiming that by 2100, global sea level could rise between 0.7 and 1.6 metres (see real climate for an interesting discussion of this study).

The misleading headline is proof once again that relying on the mainstream media for accurate science reporting is a seriously bad idea.

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