Does Canadian PM Harper Have an #EnemyList?

Harper Enemy

The Star claims that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has given his new ministers asked his ministers to compile an “enemy” list to ensure they don’t fall prey to anyone who might disagree with the government’s policies. Artist Franke James claims to be “on it“. In fact the government has amassed over 2,100 Access-to-Information documents from 4 different federal departments all because she spoke out (and made art) about the importance of reducing GHG emissions. Ms. James has filed thousands of Access-to-Information claims against the government and was mentioned in a cabinet political strategy document.

Perhaps Planet3.0, and certainly some of our readers, are also on the “enemy” list. UPDATE: Or perhaps there isn’t one? -mt


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    1. .. Did we just get signed up ? .. oh excellent .. !

      Franke James ? Wow !!
      To be on a list with her ! Awesome !

      The ‘lists’ .. and binders of lists .. of the PMO
      will be filled with the names of Canadian exemplars
      like David W. Schindler, Alexandra Morton, Council of Canadians etc
      and ordinary, caring and concerned Canadians can insist on being added to the lists !

  1. I am unconvinced.

    Not a great fan of Harper here, but the Star story is sensationalist. Prying out the small nugget of substance, it merely says that the cabinet has some sort of political strategy document! I think using the single word “enemies” in scare quotes is a bit outrageous unless someone provides an actual quotation. I’m not even convinced the word “enemies” appears in the document, nor that it contains a list.

    Nor is the fact that Ms James is concerned about climate change any indication whatsoever of why she is mentioned in such a document. After all, she has filed thousands of nuisance freedom of information requests.

    I have never heard of her, by the way. But I don’t like nuisance bureaucratic Freedom of Information requests. Not a bit.

  2. I’m a big fan of Franke James and wish there were more like her. She has been persecuted by the Harper government, because she is an effective communicator. For example, the victims of massive tar sands exploitation (immediate victims who are sick and dying, and having their food sources tainted) need advocates, and she has used her best abilities to do what she can.

    Or do you think any progress is being made through conventional channels? I remember reading that the NSA is sharing information about peaceful environmental protesters with the corporations they are protesting as terrorists.

    Individuals with high moral courage are disadvantaged when all the wealth and power is able to repress nonconformity. We are too tolerant of the status quo and it is not getting us anywhere but downhill fast.

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