What if we could harness the force for renewable energy?

Randall Munroe (the creator of XKCD) has created a “what-if” blog which is bound to become a delightful waste of time. One of the first questions he asks is “What if we could harness the force to generate energy?”

After doing some calculations comparing Yoda, the Emperor and Luke Skywalker’s force abilities he concludes:

At current electricity prices, Yoda would be worth about $2/hour…

So Yoda sounds like our best bet as an energy source. But with world electricity consumption pushing 2 terawatts, it would take a hundred million Yodas to meet our demands. All things considered, switching to Yoda Power probably isn’t worth the trouble—though it would definitely be green.

Ultimately using superman Superman to generate green energy is probably a better option.

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  1. I’m sorry to inform you, but the peak Yoda output is calculated wrong. The X-wing had quite a bit of water leaking out of it while it was raised. This is quite surprising since it should be space-worthy, but maybe only the cockpit is water and vacuum proof.

    1. Are you really going to make me try and hunt down x-wing schematics and try to figure out how much water would fit inside the various x-wing components.

      Must resist the urge to waste untold hours on entertaining non-sense…

    1. Sorry, I thought the headline was obvious enough. But then I forget that not everyone thinks about having force powers as much as I do:)

      no snickering!

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