What if Natural Gas Produced All Our Energy?

David Appell crunches some numbers and finds that if the US were to use natural gas exclusively for all its energy production it would reduce GHG emissions from 5471 Mt to roughly 4800 Mt. A reduction of only 13%, which is far less than needed to stabilize the climate.

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  1. No one suggests to use gas to produce all energy. So what should this calculation be good for? To make a questionable headline?

    Serious experts suggest to replace coal with natural gas. Now, please make a useful calculation and give us these numbers.

    1. The calculation is an attempt to set an upper bound for how large a reduction in emissions is possible with natural gas.

      It is not a prescription for policy.

  2. Such a switch not only fails to stabilize the climate, it sucks up the investment needed to deploy technologies which would help. Given the typical life time of power plants, it then strands that capital for the next 3 generations.

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