The missing link to renewable energy

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  1. If this pans out, it’s very exciting.

    There is also this recent good news

    DOE-funded battery breakthrough to halve cost, triple range

    “A new breakthrough from California-based Envia Systems will yield lithium-ion batteries that are less than half the cost of current cells, while also having three times the energy density. And guess who funded it? The Department of Energy. That’s right: Sometimes, when the government invests in innovation, it pays off moon launch-big.”

    “Envia’s announcement said that its packs would deliver cell energy of 400 watt-hours per kilogram at a cost of $150 per kilowatt-hour. Though it doesn’t disclose a cost breakdown, Tesla Motors rates the energy density of its Roadster’s pack at 121 watt-hours per kilogram. Envia said its energy-density performance was verified in testing of prototype cells at the Naval Service Warfare Center’s Crane evaluation division.”

  2. I’d suggest people look at the comments on the site. While most of it is above my head, there were serious questions raised about the materials used and the efficiency of the whole process here. Dr. Sadoway is charismatic and appears to be a great teacher, but I’d love to know that somebody who understands these issues has taken a good look at some of the more thoughtful queries.

    It is necessary to scroll through a whole lot of nonsense to get to the more thoughtful questions, sorry:

  3. I wish I could help you Susan. But it is over my head as well.

    I think it is healthy to be skeptical of battery technology. I have heard of many battery breakthroughs that never materialize anywhere but the lab. On the other hand this breakthrough seems farther along than most.

    But I also think it is healthy to be skeptical of YouTube comments. I am not sure why, but YouTube seems to attract some of the worst commenters on the internet.

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