A storm surge like a tsunami

This video taken at 6am on Friday 8 November as Typhoon Hayian hit Hernani in Eastern Samar shows how quickly and intensely the storm surge hit.

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  1. I have seen that video before, and finally i realized that maybe, just maybe, we can solve this storm surge and tsunami problem. first we know that the water and its current is really fast, we cant stop that approaching water, so the best way is to let it flow freely. So what we should do then?

    1. Houses or building that are close to the coastline or seashore should have an elevated ground floor so water can flow easily and wont build up. this is the best way to solve property damages.

    2. we need to evacuate people from other safe places, this is the best solution to save lives.

    We also need to use the existing things around us to help us.. i know that this storm surge knocks the coconut trees, but maybe because this is also a super typhoon, it might be the typhoon that really knock them the coconut tress not the water itself, since coconut trees have slim or thin point of impact.

    We need a 3 level approach in Solving Typhoon, Earthquake, and Tsunami
    1. 40 feet concrete posts & coconut trees with handrails – for strong people that can climb
    2. Elevated Evacuation Dome Centers – for Mass evacuation
    3. Tsunami Life Saver Ball – for kids and weak old people who cant climb the posts

    Check them here http://yolandatyphoonhouse.blogspot.com

    40 feet concrete post are proven to survive Tsunami , Storm Surge and Flood. We can save human lives by putting handrails on every existing concrete posts so people can climb right away. Encourage people to put handrails on Coconut Trees. We know that tsunami comes after Earthquake as soon as 20 to 30 minutes, so evacuating to higher grounds might be impossible for people living in the seashore to run or drive to evacuation center kilometers away, the traffic on the road will make it impossible for people to get to elevated grounds far away.To save humans lives, we need to put handrails on every concrete poles especially poles that are near the seashores or coastal areas. Handrails are cheap and fast to accomplish than building elevated dome houses or evacuation centers.

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