Santa’s regret


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  1. Checked out SkS and though this one didn’t titillate thought I’d look at what else was around. ince I’m thinking very hard these days about communication this one provided a little sand for the oyster:

    I’m not sure my regular participation in the commentariat actually does anything; perhaps it’s a substitute activity for powerlessness and lack of gumption so I can feel like I’m doing something. But I do regularly encounter the anti-science contingent, and their memes puzzle. How can they be so ignorant (no doubt they feel the same about me)? Since the matter is urgent, what can be done about it?

    I’m a little sore today because of a personal attack, which makes me more sympathetic to those who suffer from my own slings and arrows. To (finally) approach the point, there has been an organized effort to discredit SkepticalScience lately. In a way, that’s a badge of honor. But it is not helpful. The minute anyone begins to make the fakery obvious, there’s an all-out effort by the attack machine.

    I also visited George Lakoff, but he’s too much like us, and too academic, to get outside the choir, IMHO. However, we all need to keep on trying. He did have some intriguing lists about how we express anger in an excerpt from his new book:

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