Over the bridge

Yesterday we walked over the Thai-Myanmar (Burma) Friendship bridge, over the Mae Moei river into Myawadi, Myanmar.

Life on the Myanmar side of the river is very different from life in Thailand, the men all wear Longii (men’s sarongs), and the women balance large heavy objects on their heads, and the main road is barely paved. All along the river bank women do laundry…

and people bathe and swim in the muddy waters.

Cars drive on the right, but the steering wheels are also on the right. This would be confusing but there are very few cars on the road, and those that are are falling apart, and barely running.

As we crossed the Boarder guides began following us around, hoping to get a few baht from us for explaining the history of town in bad English. We politely turned them down, as well as the hundreds of s‚aamlaw (bike taxis) that asked us if we needed a lift.

Of course there are many wats on this side of the river as well, and they are just as impressive as those we have seen in Thailand.

here are the rest of the pics

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