Na Hin River and Kong Lor Cave

The Na Hin river is like many other small streams in South East Asia, except for the fact that it flows through a 7.5Km cave under a mountain.

It is possible to take a motorized canoe through the cave. Those that have been following my travels on this site may remember my almost unhealthy fascination with caves, that started in Ban Tham Lod in Northern Thailand, so as you can imagine A 7.5km cave with HUGE interior chambers was right up my alley.

The pictures don’t do it justice. It was like nothing I ever experienced before, words cannot describe it… wow is all i can say. Breanne was even inspired to write a poem about the cave.

This trip also gave us a glimpse of what rural life in Laos consists of: subsistence farming and fishing, a complete dependence on the river for food…

and waste management.

For all their hardships the locals are incredibly friendly…

even the water buffalo!

Here are the rest of the pics:

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