Monckton’s silly graph: Part 3

Monckton just can’t help himself.

Monckton has updated his silly graph, and now the Cuffey and Clow graph (correctly cited this time around!), has been adapted from the original which represented temperatures in Greenland, to represent Antarctic temperatures. How exactly did he accomplish this impressive feat? The same way he took the original and made it representative of global temperatures. He just changed the labels of the axis. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how SCIENCE is done!

Though I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t just another manifestation of Antarctic warming derangement syndrome.

Perhaps the most ironic aspect of all of these silly graphs form Monckton is that he is able to say with a straight face:

I will be showing some quite startling examples of the deliberate bending, falsification, and in some cases fabrication of scientific data, every single time to create a crisis out of nothing.

I imagine a mirror will be somehow involved.

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