EO Wilson: Advice to young scientists

It is worth noting that EO Wilson and Richard Dawkins are currently involved in a dispute over some of the more intricate details of evolutionary theory. I mention this only because it highlights a key aspect of scientific disputes that can get lost on (or intentionally abused by) some people.

Most of the deep details of any scientific theory are not known with perfect certainty and scientists spend a great deal of time and effort examining and attempting to understand these details. Disputes amongst scientists are inevitable, however, these disputes do not in any way imply that the overall theory is in question. Whether Wilson or Dawkins is correct the big picture view is not threatened and I am positive that both of them would agree in the strongest possible terms about the validity of evolutionary theory.

The same, of course, applies to climate science. There are plenty of areas where climate scientists strongly disagree with each other, yet there exists a strong consensus on the big picture.

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