Scientific research labs and institutions are held accountable for what they publish and the media will actually criticize them for any mistakes. They simply couldn’t get away producing and publishing anything near as low quality as the SPPI analysis of the CRU emails. Even the investigative team that is reviewing the CRU emails is under scrutiny.

In contrast, none of the usual denialist outlets have any accountability. They can’t be discredited even if they deserve it. Noone writes headlines when Watt’s screws up. Same with the Heartland Institute and SPPI. Noone writes headlines when an analysis like the one the SPPI published gets spread like wildfire. The deniosphere have a lack of oversight. Anyone can say what they want of course – even really ridiculous things – but they should be justly held to account and widely discredited if they do say ridiculous things or behave badly (it’s overdue).

It’s ironic of course that a lot of denialist’s appeal to immense levels of accountability from the likes of the IPCC and the CRU, without demanding any of themselves.

Read the whole thing.

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