About that IPCC cosmic rays game changer…

… or nothing to see here. Move along folks.

All of this cosmic nonsense was pre-debunked by Richard Alley in his great AGU talk from 2009 titled: The Biggest Control Knob: Carbon Dioxide in Earth’s Climate History (starting at about 42 minutes):

So despite what you might have read at some less-than-reputable publications, the recent leaked IPCC drafts don’t change any game. CO2 is still the climate’s biggest control knob.

h/t David Lewis who wrote:

Richard Alley discussed the Svensmark hypothesis that cosmic rays are a significant climate factor during his 2009 AGU Bjerknes Lecture, at the 42 minute 5 second mark:

He described the hypothesis: “People say the Sun doesn’t change much but the Sun modulates the cosmic rays, the cosmic rays modulate the clouds, the clouds modulate the temperature, so the Sun is amplified hugely….”

Then he pointed to the paleo evidence that weighs against it:

“Now the Sun modulates cosmic rays…but so does the magnetic field”.

“About 40,000 years ago the magnetic field basically zeroed out in what we call the LasChamp anomaly for a millenium or so. And when it did, cosmic rays came screaming into the Earth system and you see, in basically all sedimentary records, this peak of cosmic ray produced nuclides”.

(He displayed this chart)

“We had a BIG cosmic ray signal, and the climate ignores it. And its just about that simple. These cosmic rays didn’t do enough that you can see it.”

Stephen Chu, at the height of Climategate, challenged the civilization threatening insanity of the attitude of many in the media who report what deniers concoct as if their statements are in some way equal to the opinions of legitimate scientists, as if there were two poles in a “debate”. He said this:

“If you look at the climate skeptics, I would have to say honestly, what standard are they being held to?”

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