A meal fit for a king

Warning gruesome pictures below! Squeamish people and vegetarians should probably skip this post

The last night on our trek Adul (our guide) bought a pig for dinner. We watched (by choice) how they slaughtered the pig, and how they butchered the meat and the organs to make some delicious food.

This pig died of natural causes

its throat was naturally slit… by a knife!

But don’t worry it did not feel much pain (because it received a good clubbing to the head a few minutes before)

that’s a close shave!

that’s a clean piggy.

getting rid of those pesky organs… we will save those for later. mmm boiled pig stomach

mmm pork chops

anyone still hungry?

Butchering is thirsty work… banana whiskey will quench that thirst!!!

breaking the head apart so it fits in the pot

dinner is being prepared

dinner is served!!!

To any vegetarians wanting to chew my head off, just think about many people who saw this will think twice about eating pork next time the opportunity arises.

To me this was much more humane than the factory farm most of us buy our meat from, at least this pig lived a good albeit short life.

Here are the rest of the pics

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  1. Its a way of life, its food. Some vegans foget why we evolved canines and inscisors.

    I wonder how many of them would continue being vegan if they had to gather and prepare their daily requirement of food on their own.

    Thailand looks wonderful. Enjoy yourself and meditate in a few temples for me.

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