What did Earth Hour accomplish?

Earth Hour has come and gone; the lights are back on. While Canadians where extraordinarily receptive to the idea of turning off the lights for one hour in an attempt raise awareness of our glutinous use of energy and the resulting environmental consequences, the jury is still out on whether on not it actually achieved this goal . Earth Hour has, however, accomplished something else entirely different:

Earth Hour has also produced another positive effect: It has helped to identify clearly those who, despite being grown-up physically, still maintain the mind and brain of a two-year-old, with all the childishness that comes with it.

From the outrageous notion that raising environmental awareness is fascism, to the proud proclamations of people determined to waste as much energy as humanly possible during Earth Hour, there was no shortage of childish reactions to the attempt to raise awareness of the environmental problems we all face.

So while we debate how much awareness Earth Hour actually raised, at least we can take solace in the fact that Earth Hour helped us identify the immature children amongst us.

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  1. OK, so I didn’t click through to any of the links to check this out but it’s rather daunting to consider that this is probably how they behave even when it isn’t ‘Earth hour’.

  2. they should rename earth hour, sex hour, because that’s about the only thing you can do in the middle of the evening, void of any power

  3. What about those of us who recycle don’t drive a car and all that shit, but won’t go out of our way to create a stand still in our lives for an hour? There is a difference between survival and greed carbon emissions. You see all these people driving sports utility vehicles going for the cause, and the next day they waste more than ever. What about all those Metro news papers and Tim Horton’s coffee cups that these greedy capitalist zombies live by; how many trees did we have to cut down to produce all the stuff we like? One phrase “white guilt”.

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