US delegates throw logic out the window to water down IPCC report

While the IPCC was working on it’s latest and most dire report to date the US delegates were busy trying to water down the reports predictions, logic be damned.

US delegates in particular said references to “irreversible” climate change and impacts were imprecise.

They argued, for example, that the melting of glaciers or ice sheets — which could raise ocean levels by several meters (a dozen feet) — was not “irreversible” as ice could eventually reform.

While the US delegates may be technically correct, the ice could eventually reform, it is besides the point. If the ice melts and sea levels rise, damage will be done to coastal areas. It doesn’t matter if the ice eventually reforms and lowers sea levels. The damage has been done. Logic seems to have escaped the US delegates’ quest to water down the IPCC report.

In the spirit of cooperation here are some additional argument the US delegates can use in the future.

  • The recent drought in Atlanta isn’t a big deal because it may rain in the future.
  • The loss of millions of species is not irreversible because new ones could evolve in a few million years.
  • Instead of saying that half of all species might become extinct, the report should say that half of all species will be “just fine”.
  • While attention-whoring species like polar bears may be doing poorly, few people talk about how well species like Plasmodiums and Culicidae are doing.

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