The downside to biofuels?

Biofuels (like all other energy ‘solutions‘) aren’t without costs.

Abrupt climate change may soon force governments to choose between feeding people and fuelling SUVs, a respected investment firm says in a new study.

Toronto-based Sprott Asset Management says global warming is occurring faster than expected and rising demand for so-called green fuel will cut into food supplies. –The Globe and Mail

Fuel efficiency seems to be important even when we use completely renewable fuel sources. We need to learn to get by with as little as possible (which is MUCH less than what we are using now).

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  1. Good post. Indeed, we will have to choose between feeding our gas-guzzlers and feeding ourselves. Which will we choose?

    The more prudent among us are already turning off A/C’s, eschewing big comfort cars, mowing lawns with the ‘old-fashioned’ manual lawnmowers (which btw, are back in vogue, with a lighter version), using energy-saving light bulbs/fixtures and appliances, hanging laundry out to dry, etc… Those who can afford them are installing solar panels. These should be mandatory in ALL new houses being built.

    Our government should have a nation-wide Energuide program, to assist homeowners with converting and insulating costs. Sadly, Mona Ambrose sticks her ostrich had in the sand, and pretends we don’t have a problem. Reality will hit her and other ‘disbelievers’ soon enough! The scenario they thought may happen in the distant future is arriving much sooner. Did those wasteful, gluttonous over-consumers actually think their unchecked voracity could last forever without consequences? How utterly idiotic…

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