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It’s no longer possible to delve into our relationship with the global environment without drawing conclusions that make you seem like a raving fanatic to those who have yet to delve.  –Stephan Faris

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  1. even though the ecological effects of anthropogenic global warming are not seen in every part of the natural world just yet the other chemicals man has put to atmosphere can be found everywhere even in the most pristine habitats in trace amounts which would be laughed at in most city streets ironically the most pristine habitats are found in subtropical deserts which are constantly occupied by high pressures here the increasing heat will force animals and plants to cooler areas just left by man who wars over the diminishing arable land in the north that has rainy season and dry season that are increasing the erosion in all seasons previously called summer spring autumn winter the extreme north has constant rain that melts the permafrost and Greenland and makes the warm enough arable lands practically useless to any but hippos, crocodiles and water buffaloes let out from the zoos that once were the last haven for many species that roamed the now dried tropics…

    Oops, I went into the doom-mode. Sorry.

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