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The trouble with questioning authority, of course, doesn’t come from the question; it comes from the complete indifference to the answer. –Michael Tobis

UPDATE: More from Michael Tobis:

The IPCC process is massive, and unprecedented, managed by flawed human beings. To make matters worse, it is a time-limited consensus process among scientists whose expertise is other than political. Not every decision will stand up to every possible critique. On the whole the WGI reports have been extremely useful and reliable. Nobody claims they are flawless. Finding a few sentences to criticize out of dozens of large volumes turns out to be possible. Nevertheless the bulk of the evidence remains coherently centered around a 2.5 C to 3 C sensitivity. A serious reading of the WGI reports will make that clear.

If you aren’t reading Michael’s blog, then you are missing out on some of the most thought provoking writings on the internet.

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