Pingback spam

I screwed up.

A few days ago Mind of Dan had a database crash. A bunch of posts were lost and I had to rebuild the site from scratch. This meant restoring the recoverable archives by hand (a tedious job that is now mostly done).

I left most of the WordPress settings on default (even the theme) figuring that I would tinker with them when the site was in better shape. Unfortunately WordPress defaults to pingbacks on. So every time I restored an old post WordPress sent out pingbacks to every single link in the post. This means that if I thought something you had written was worth reading I sent you an auto-generated pingback comment. If I thought lots of your stuff was worth reading then I sent you a whack-load of pingback spam.

Unfortunately I only discovered this (thanks to a commenter who let me know) after I had restored the bulk of the archives.

I have turned pingbacks off so the spam should stop.

I am very sorry.

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