Patpong Ping Pong

We did what every tourist in Bangkok must do at least once…

We visited Patpong market, Bangkok’s infamous red light district a few nights ago.

There are numerous ‘shows’ one can see, from the tame ‘ping pong’ show, to the dangerous “dart show’ and the gross bird show (we did not see that one thank god… insert bird flu joke here).

Of course we were scammed, some how two 100 bhat beers turned into 800 bhat, but oh well…

All I can say is that once is enough for me, I have no desire to go back to patpong it was disturbing just like the guidebook said it would be.

Sorry no pictures (you wouldn’t want any anyways).

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  1. Actually scary to see how many ppl get ripped off at the patpong show, this tread has been running since 2007 already,I have been told by a few ppl to go see the patpong show (a must see in bankok) so well we tought okay let go and see it. 3 of us decided to first check ou the different shows and not just make a sudden disicion, as some of the girls are very ugly! as we were walking down the road we were harrased by a few guys along the the way asking us to go see the patpong show! then we asked this guy about the price for the show, we were told that its 500bt for each of us, and my friend said, no how about 500bt for all 3 of us, and without hissitation the guy agreed apon 500bt for all 3 of us, but then we thought that if he is not hissitation too much, we can even get it for cheaper than that. then he took us up the 3rd place… he said “happy hour, only 100bt each wich will include a drink of your choice” we thought wow doenst sound too bad, only 100bt, lets do this! we sat down and then a missrable waiter came to assist us, we reconfirmed with her twice, same as we did with the guy that the price is only 100bt each wich includes a drink of 100bt only! then 45 min later in the show, my friend decided to go get the bill and settle it and then lets go, he came back and said “bad news” 3 watch = 3000bt, drinks for girls x 2 = 900bt, 3 drinks = 1000bt, total 4900 baht!!!!!!! Thn the lady came our way and stood right infront of us, we were telling her, how come its this price, the guy told us its only 100bt each, “who is this guy? i dont know him, im the boss here” “you will pay this bill and wont leave here untill you paid the money” and she was looking sooooo furious, sooooo much aggresion and anger in her! i told her that we dont have that much we will have to phone friends “how much money you have” she asked! she kept standing there, i told her to leave, i want to finish watching the show, but she dont want to, kept telling me, “give money now” and so i decided to actually go speak to some europeans sitting just across from us asking them how much they were charged, just as im getting up, this girl is pushed me to the side and said “where do you think you going” and then this massive lady came into the picture blocking me from the other side and said “you will not leave here untill you paid the money” they are totally different than the sweet thai ppl that you see in the shopping areas, they are so rude and mean these “girls” inside the patpong show! then my friend desided to go inside the bathroom, hide the money and then go to the paypoint only coming up with the 300bt wich we were promised to pay! they said ” you just came frm the bathroom, we not stupid – open your baggs, show me your money” they were surounding him, wanting him to open his baggs and show his money! they closed the door again and said “you will not leave here untill you paid” they are making such a big scene inside there, all the ppl are looking at you and you feel so imbarrased,thinking that other ppl would think that you not wanting to pay the price, they will eventually understand it all once they leave the show… then at that moment while we were fighting with them, “prospective customers” came walking in, i thought that it was a perfect gap for me to run away, i just pushed all the ppl out the way and ran away… ppl were soooo shocked, most of them turned around and walked away. well while we were sitting there we saw 3 indians guys fighting with the same girl that we were fighting, and we were wondering what was happening there, this huge “lady” was even pushing and slapping the indian guys… they not even scared to slap 3 guys together???? i think they have bouncers behind or something… more ppl should read up about the patpong show before going there, im just warning all the ppl out there. i would say dont speak to the middle man, just go to the show yourself and speak to the actual ppl that work inside there, cos later they will deny and say that they dont knw “this annonomous guy” that brought you there! such a scam, but so lucky that i escaped there!

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