We arrived in Pai the other day, and rented small motorbikes to get around, and see the sights.

The motorbikes are lots of fun… when they work. I have developed an uncanny ability to stall my bike at any given time (I think the bike is playing games with me… I am not amused).

The stalling problem was not much of an issue when we were on the highway, but as soon as we got back into Pai, I could not go more that 10 meters without the bike stalling. so I ended up dragging that thing over 100 meters… yes i said drag, because after the bike stalled the wheels would lock up, and the bike decided that it did not want to go into neutral, so dragging was my only option. The next bike I get better have a no stall guarantee on it!

Oh and all this drama was on top of the complications that arise from driving on the left side of the road.

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