Leaving WordPress?

… Maybe

I am looking for recommendations on a good WordPress replacement. I am not thrilled with the new post editor and this seems like a good opportunity to learn new web technologies.

This WordPress blog is over a decade old so there is a fair amount of content that will need to be migrated.

I have been looking at either static site generators (probably Gatsby) or some sort of backend that exposes the content as a REST API. Ideally the backed wound be backed by static files (like markdown with YAML), and not a database. I am not ruling out a having a database, not having one is just a preference.

My Blog is very image heavy so a good image workflow is essential. Ideally I would just link a full size image in the markdown file and let a build process create whatever image sizes are appropriate. This would have to work for single images and well as galleries with lots of images. WordPress actually handles this quite well and is why I have stuck with it for so long.

As for writing I would like to use markdown (no WYSIWYG!).

In terms of languages, Node or Go would be my preference for the backend (I would also consider Python). The front end should be nothing more than a consumer of the API provided by the backend and will likely end up being react. The server will likely end up running FreeBSD. This limits me slightly (no Docker, but jails are a great consolation prize). Most things should run fine on FreeBSD.

Thanks for your help.

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